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Motion Cues for Illustration of
Skeletal Motion Capture Data

Master thesis project, 2006-2007

As spatial data is transferred to an image, it loses much of its initial information. Artists use visual cues, non-photorealistic identicators, to add supplemental information to the image. To enhance temporal information, they use motion cues, a category of visual cues that specifically illustrate the movements in the image. For some time, techniques such as cartoon illustration and storyboard design use motion cues to convey temporal information to the viewer.

This master thesis presents an interactive system that synthesizes temporal information of an animated character using artist-inspired motion cues derived from skeletal motion capture data. We propose the combined use of motion arrows, noise waves, and stroboscopic motion to emphasize movements in a still image.

We let the user manually select a pose of motion capture data, determine the view point, and add desired motion cues to the image. The system automatically adjusts the motion cue appearance to the view point and allows the user to fine-tune illustration parameters for greater expressiveness in real time.

Master thesis [PDF] (french)
NPAR 2007 Article [PDF]
NPAR 2007 Conference slides [PDF]
SIGGRAPH 2007 Reprise slides [PDF]
Companion video
Some more images


Filtering Structures for the Linux Trace Toolkit Viewer

Winter 2005

Kernel traces indicate precisely how the operating system distributes the execution of the many processes running on a machine at the same time. While small traces can be easily handled by LTTV, larger traces, reaching gigabytes of data, cannot be treated as is.

We propose filtering structures that allow the user to choose what kind of information he want displayed. The user may specify a filtering expression on the command line or interactively add filtering conditions using the user interface of LTTV.

Report [PDF] (french)
LTTV web site

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