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Symposium on Computer Animation 2005
Particle-Based Simulation of Granular Materials (Bell, Yu, Mucha)
Simulation of Smoke based on Vortex Filament Primitives (Angelidis, Neyret)
Modeling and Animating Gases with Simulation Features (Schpok, Dwyer, Ebert)
Directable Animation of Elastic Objects (Kondo, Kanai, Anjyo)
Simulating Complex Hair with Robust Collision Handling (Choe, Choi, Ko)
Robust Quasistatic Finite Elements and Flesh Simulation (Teran, Sifakis, Irving, Fedkiw)
Particle-based Viscoelastic Fluid Simulation (Clavet, Beaudoin, Poulin)
Taming Liquids for Rapidly Changing Targets (Shi, Yu)
Particle-Based Fluid-Fluid Interaction (Müller, Solenthaler, Keiser, Gross)
Fluids in Deforming Meshes (Feldman, O'Brien, Klingner, Goktekin)
Physically Based Rigging for Deformable Characters (Capell, Burkhart, Curless, Duchamp, Popovic)

Siggraph 2005
Meshless Deformations Based on Shape Matching (Muller, Heidelberger, Teschner, Freiburg, Gross)
MoXi: Real-Time Ink Simulation (Chu, Tai)
Dynamic Response for Motion Capture Animation (Zordan, Majkowska)
Animating Gases with Hybrid Meshes (Feldman, O'Brien, Klingner)
A Vortex Particle Method for Smoke, Fire, and Explosions (Selle, Rasmussen, Fedkiw)
Discontinuous Fluids (Hong, Kim)
Water Drops on Surfaces (Wang, Mucha, Turk)
Adaptive Dynamics of Articulated Bodies (Redon, Galoppo, Lin)
Fast Frictional Dynamics for Rigid Bodies (Kaufman, Edmunds, Pai)
Meshless Animation of Fracturing Solids (Pauly, Keiser, Adams, Dutre, Gross, Guibas)
Animating sand as a fluid (Zhu, Bridson)
Coupling Water and Smoke to Thin Deformable and Rigid Shells (Guendelman, Selle, Losasso, Fedkiw)
Real-Time Subspace Integration for St.Venant-Kirchhoff Deformable Models (Barbic, James)
Learning Physics-Based Motion Style With Nonlinear Inverse Optimization (Liu, Hertzmann, Popovic)

Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2004
Free Surface Lattice-Boltzmann fluid simulations with and without level sets (Thuerey, Ruede)
Contact Handling for Deformable Point-Based Objects (Keiser, Muller, Heidelberger, Teschner, Gross)
Consistent Penetration Depth Estimation for Deformable Collision Response (Heidelberger, Teschner, Keiser, Muller, Gross)
Hierarchy Accelerated Stochastic Collision Detection(Nesme, Faure)

Pacific Graphics 2004
Physically Based Animation and Rendering of Lightning (Kim, Lin)
Real-Time 3D Fluid Simulation on GPU with Complex Obstacles (Liu, Wu, Liu)
A Data-driven Approach for Real-Time Clothes Simulation (Cordier, Magnenat-Thalmann)

Eurographics 2004
Measurement-Based Interactive Simulation of Viscoelastic Solids (Schoner, Lang, Seidel)
An Oriented Particles and Generalized Spring Model for Fast Prototyping Deformable Objects (Jeong, Lee)
An Interactive Physically-based Animation System for Dense Meshes (Kondo, Kanai)

Symposium on Computer Animation 2004
Layered Dynamic Control for Interactive Character Swimming (Yang, Laszlo, Singh)
Quasi-Rigid Objects in Contact (Pauly, Pai, Guibas)
Collision Between Deformable Objects Using a Fast-Marching on Tetrahedral Models (Aubert, Chaillou)
Invertible Finite Elements for Robust Simulation of Large Deformation (Irving, Teran, Fedkiw)
Point Based Animation of Elastic, Plastic and Melting Objects (Muller, Keiser, Nealen, Pauly, Gross, Alexa)
Decomposing Cloth (Boxerman, Ascher)
Momentum-based Parameterization of Dynamic Character Motion (Abe, Liu, Popovic)
Directable Photorealistic Liquids (Rasmussen, Enright, Nguyen, Marino, Sumner, Geiger, Hoon, Fedkiw)
Animation of Reactive Gaseous Fluids through Chemical Kinetics (Ihm, Kang, Cha)
Extended Galilean Invariance for Adaptive Fluid Simulation (Shah, Cohen, Patel, Lee, Pighin)
Modeling and Editing Flows Using Advected Radial Basis Functions (Pighin, Cohen, Shah)
Flow Tiles (Chenney)
Better with Bubbles: Enhancing the Visual Realism of Simulated Fluid (Greenwood, House)
A Hybrid Algorithm for Modeling Ice Formation (Kim, Henson, Lin)
Animation and Control of Breaking Waves (Mihalef, Metaxas, Sussman)

Computer Animation and Social Agents 2004
A Viscous Paint Model for InteractiveApplications (Baxter, Lin)
Modeling and Rendering Viscous Liquids (Steele, Cline, Egbert, Dinerstein)
Interaction of Fluids with Deformable Solids (Muller, Schirm, Teschner, Heidelberger, Gross)

Siggraph 2004
Rigid Fluid: Animating the Interplay Between Rigid Bodies and Fluid (Carlson, Mucha, Turk)
A Virtual Node Algorithm for Changing Mesh Topology During Simulation (Molino, Bao, Fedkiw)
BD-Tree: Output-Sensitive Collision Detection for Reduced Deformable Models (James, Pai)
Simulating Water and Smoke with an Octree Data Structure (Losasso, Gibou, Fedkiw)
A Method for Animating Viscoelastic Fluids (Goktekin, Bargteil, O'Brien)
Target-Driven Smoke Animation (Fattal, Lischinski)
Fluid Control Using the Adjoint Method (McNamara, Treuille, Popović, Stam)

Graphics Interface 2004
Interactive Virtual Materials (Muller, Gross)

Game Developers Conference 2004
Practical Physics for Articulated Characters (Kokkevis)
Using Verlet Integration and Constraints in a Six Degree of Freedom Rigid Body Physics Simulation (Baltman)

Pacific Graphics 2003
Physical Touch-Up of Human Motions (Shin, Kovar, Gleicher)
Adaptive Grouping and Subdivision for Simulating Hair Dynamics (Ward, Lin)

Eurographics 2003
Particle-Based Simulation of Fluids (Premoze, Tasdizen, Bigler, Lefohn, Whitaker)

Symposium on Computer Animation 2003
Particle-Based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications (Muller, Charypar, Gross)
A Practical Dynamics System (Kacic-Alesic, Nordenstam, Bullock)
Discrete Shells (Grinspun, Hirani, Desbrun, Schroder)
Simulation of Clothing with Folds and Wrinkles (Bridson, Marino, Fedkiw)

Siggraph 2003
Efficient Synthesis of Physically Valid Human Motion (Fang, Pollard)
Smoke Simulation For Large Scale Phenomena (Rasmussen, Nguyen, Geiger, Fedkiw)
Animating Suspended Particle Explosions (Feldman, O'Brien, Arikan)
Keyframe Control of Smoke Simulations (Treuille, McNamara, Popović, Stam)
Untangling Cloth (Baraff, Witkin, Kass)
Nonconvex Rigid Bodies with Stacking (Guendelman, Bridson, Fedkiw)
Precomputing Interactive Dynamic Deformable Scenes (James, Fatahalian)

Computer Animation And Social Agents 2003
Improvements on a simple muscle-based 3D face for realistic facial expressions (Bui, Heylen, Nijholt)
Modeling Hair Using Level-of-Detail Representations (Ward, Lin, Lee, Fisher, Macri)

User Interface Software and Technology 2002
Clothing Manipulation (Igarashi, Hughes)

Symposium on Computer Animation 2002
Fast Penetration Depth Computation For Physically-based Animation (Kim, Otaduy, Lin, Manocha)
A Multiresolution Framework for Dynamic Deformations (Capell, Green, Curless, Duchamp, Popović)
Stable Real-Time Deformations (Muller, McMillan, Dorsey, Jagnow, Cutler)
Melting and Flowing (Carlson, Mucha, Van Horn, Turk))

Siggraph 2002
CHARMS: A Simple Framework for Adaptive Simulation (Grinspun, Krysl, Schröder)
Graphical Modeling and Animation of Ductile Fracture (O'Brien, Bargteil, Hodgins)
Robust treatment of collisions, contact and friction for cloth animation (Bridson, Fedkiw, Anderson)
Stable but Responsive Cloth (Choi, Ko)
Animation and Rendering of Complex Water Surfaces (Enright, Marschner, Fedkiw)
Physically Based Modeling and Animation of Fire (Nguyen, Fedkiw, Jensen)
Interactive Skeleton-Driven Dynamic Deformations (Capell, Green, Curless, Duchamp, Popović)

Computer Animation and Simulation 2001
Real-Time Simulation of Deformation and Fracture of Stiff Materials (Muller, McMillan, Dorsey, Jagnow)
Deformed Distance Fields for Simulation of Non-Penetrating Flexible Bodies (Fisher, Lin)
A Simple Physics Model to Animate Human Hair Modeled in 2D Strips in Real Time (Koh, Huang)
A Layered Wisp Model for Simulating Interactions inside Long Hair (Plante, Cani, Poulin)

Siggraph 2001
Practical Animations of Liquids (Foster, Fedkiw)
Visual Simulation of Smoke (Fedkiw, Jensen, Stam)
Dynamic Real-Time Deformations using Space and Time Adaptive Sampling
Optimization-Based Animation (Milenkovic, Schmidl)
Composable Controllers for Physics-Based Character Animation (Faloutsos, van de Panne, Terzopoulos)

Siggraph 2000
A Simple, Efficient Method for Realistic Animation of Clouds (Dobashi, Kaneda, Yamashita, Okita, Nishita)
Animating Explosions (Yngve, O'Brien, Hodgins)
Timewarp Rigid Body Simulation (Mirtich)
Interactive Control for Physically Based Animation (Lazlo, van de Panne, Fiume)
Interactive Manipulation of Rigid Body Simulations (Popovic, Seitz, Erdmann, Popovic, Witkin)

Siggraph 99
Physically Based Motion Transformation (Popovic, Witkin)
Stable Fluids (Stam)
Graphical Modeling and Animation of Brittle Fracture (O'Brien, Hodgins)

Siggraph 98
Large Steps in Cloth Simulation (Baraff, Witkin)
Retargeting Motion to New Characters (Gleicher)

Siggraph 97
Modeling the Motion of Hot, Turbulent Gas (Foster, Metaxas)

Siggraph 96
Linear-time dynamics using Lagrange multipliers (Baraff)
OBBTree: a hierarchical structure for rapid interference detection (Gottschalk, Lin, Manocha)
Limit Cycle Control and its Application to the Animation of Balancing and Walking (Laszlo, van de Panne, Fiume)

Siggraph 95
Automated Learning of Muscle-Actuated Locomotion Through Control Abstraction (Grzeszczuk, Terzopoulos)
Depiction of Fire and Other Gaseous Phenomena Using Diffusion Processes (Stam, Fiume)
Versatile and Efficient Techniques for Simulating Cloth and other Deformable Objects (Volino, Courchesne, Magnenat-Thalmann)
Interactive Physically-Based Manipulation of Discrete/Continuous Models (Harada, Witkin, Baraff)
Animating soft substances with implicit surfaces (Desbrun, Cani)

Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics 95
Impulse-Based Simulation of Rigid Bodies (Mirtich, Canny)
I-COLLIDE: an interactive and exact collision detection system for large-scale environments (Cohen, Lin, Manocha, Ponamgi)

Workshop on Simulation and Interaction in Virtual Environments 95
Hybrid Simulation: Combining Constraints and Impulses (Mirtich)

Siggraph 94
Fast contact force computation for nonpenetrating rigid bodies (Baraff)
Artificial fishes: Physics, locomotion, perception, behavior (Tu, Terzopoulos)
Predicting the Drape of Woven Cloth Using Interacting Particles (Breen, House, Wozny)

Siggraph 93
Turbulent Wind Fields for Gaseous Phenomena (Stam, Fiume)

Siggraph 92
Dynamic Simulation of Non-Penetrating Flexible Bodies (Baraff, Witkin)