Paul Dallaire

PhD student, computer sciences (lab)
Université de Montréal


Fascinated by high dimensions and stringology applied to DNA and RNA
molecular biology laboratory problems.

I am currently working on microRNA discovery and siRNA selection
and should present a poster on microRNA discovery in mammalian
genomes at the RNA society meeting in Banf. See you there.

You can now get a thermodynamic profile for your hairpins.
hfold is here.
You can now print oligonucleotides to stereograms of B-form DNA.
3ddna is here.
MSc Computer science 2001 pdf figures
MSc Virology and Immunology 1994 abstract
BSc Biochemistry 1991

Celmed bioinformatics leader 2002-2003 management, data flow, fda
Genevision bioinformatics leader 2000-2002 management, collaboration, tools, cluster
BRI/NRCC bioinformatics specialist 2001 interactions, tools

PENCE, McGill, BRI/NRCC: Maureen O'Connor-McCourt's laboratory 1993-1997
technician molecular biology (a pub)

ift1890 Initiation to bioinformatics broad introduction: plan
ift1020 Programming II

ift2810 data structure and algorithmics
ift2010 data structures
ift1020 programming II

Stuff I like:

  • rapidly validate sets of ca. 20 000 pairs of primers
  • deal with ests, markers and miRNA targets under splicing
  • find a constrained DNA marker for every node in ncbi's phylogenetic tree
  • wire an ethernet plug, set up a cluster, convince the board that ...
  • efficiently pick non-redundant oligos or pcr primers for DNA chip design
  • paralellize SW, parse genbank and FACS files
  • does the structure of mRNA predispose protein folds
Let's save the world:
  • by adjsting daylight saving on a continuous basis we could have cleaner air
  • cameras should include GPS annotations scribled in the pictures they take

PubScan trivial daily alert of high impact journals on Pubmed.
ift1890: n19 n26.
The famous lion.
Old corba tutorial.