As of October 2016, I am now a NSERC post-doctoral fellow at the university of Ottawa, where I work in the laboratory of Professor David Sankoff.
My new email is mlafond2 (at)
If you came here looking for a list of my publications, please go to my Google Scholar page
Manuel Lafond
I am a PhD student in computer science with a specialization in bioinformatics, at the University of Montreal. I work at the Laboratoire de Bioinformatique Théorique (LBIT - which would stand for Theoretical Bionformatics Laboratory) with director Nadia El-Mabrouk.
I especially enjoy problems that arise from the biological field that require efficient graph algortihms to solve. More specifically, I work on algorithmic methods related to phylogeny and reconciliation, which attempt to infer evolutionary scenarios of genes and species. My studies focus on using today's knowledge of the properties of genes and genomes in order to improve the accuracy of evolutionary gene trees as we know them today.

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