Alessandro Sordoni
Department of Computer Science and Operations Research
University of Montreal

Ph. D. student
email: sordonia (at sign) iro (dot) umontreal (dot) ca

About Me

I am a PhD student in Information Retrieval (IR) under the supervision of Prof. Jian-Yun Nie. I am particularly interested in representation spaces and theoretical models for IR. Currently, I am investigating possible applications of representation learning techniques in the IR field. Here is my CV, LinkedIn

For Students

If you are a student willing to work on challenging problems or just interested to know more about IR/machine learning/semantic representations, just send me an email. I'm always willing to share ideas, brainstorm on new problems and promote teamwork.


Quantum Entropy Minimization (C++): [code]

Quantum Language Models (C++/Indri/Boost/Armadillo): [code]


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A. Sordoni, Y. Bengio and J.-Y. Nie. Learning Concept Embeddings for Query Expansion by Quantum Entropy Minimization. In Proc of AAAI, 2014, [pdf], [code], [data available upon request].

X. Liu, A. Bouchoucha, A. Sordoni and J.-Y. Nie. Compact Aspect Embedding For Diversified Query Expansion. In Proc of AAAI, 2014, [pdf].

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